Education in Virtue

“Happiness is secured through virtue; it is a good attained by man’s own will.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

Virtue formation remains a critical component of the mission of Mount Royal Academy. Powerful cultural forces run contrary to the Christian moral principles this school aims to uphold and teach. Children need a constant reminder that true happiness is acquired through the pursuit of virtue.

Here is our Virtue of the Month schedule for the 2019-2020 school year:

September - Affability (justice)

October - Docility (prudence)

November - Magnanimity (fortitude)

December - Humility (temperance)

January - Orderliness (temperance)

February - Sincerity (justice)

March - Foresight (prudence)

April - Magnificence (fortitude)

May - Generosity (justice)

June- Recap 

The Education in Virtue website has excellent support info for each virtue, such as, scripture quotes and saints lives.  All members of the school are encouraged to strive for the virtuous life.